Solution: Your mind stores links to words in every language.

If you ALREADY know the WORDS... language learning is easier.

If you grew up speaking English, then the easiest languages to learn are those related to English. Why? Because you already know most of the words. That’s why learning Mandarin Chinese, Arabic and Russian are so much more difficult than French or Spanish, which share many words with English. But what if every language on the planet shared words with your native tongue? Like these words: “eye, knee, one, fan” and “gay.” These commonly used English words are also among the top ten percent of most commonly used words in Mandarin Chinese. But finding commonality in both the sounds AND the meanings between two target languages on a scale that provides actual fluency is so immensely unreliable, and so frustratingly complex, that nobody has ever done it before. Until now. The GLU “mnemonic entertainment” process provides the “glue” that binds words together from completely different languages and simplifies the complex relationships between them through a clear, logical and entertaining experience.