GLU: The only place where “mnemonic entertainment” is on the menu.

At GLU, our goal is to secure the primary position for mnemonic entertainment services for every major language on the planet.

Today’s language learning leaders, such as Rosetta Stone, Babbel and Duolingo have opted not to provide mnemonic entertainment. Why not? Possibly because it’s just too complex to develop. Furthermore, even if this process could be made to work, there is no (obvious) patent protection for mnemonics. Nevertheless, GLU is stuck on the concept of mnemonic entertainment. First, we have found the most efficient ways, although complex, to develop functional mnemonic lexicons between every language. Secondly, we have developed the means to efficiently produce entertaining mnemonic experiences. And finally, we have built a well-documented legal web of intellectual property protection strategies to establish our brand as the first and primary provider of true mnemonic entertainment experiences. It is our goal to develop and dominate the new (and as yet unannounced) field of mnemonic entertainment, starting with the world’s largest language populations.